Desiderata Ethos

Desiderata, meaning “desired things,” is named after a poem of the same title by Max Ehrmann.  Written in 1927, the poem describes an ethos and philosophical approach towards life itself, putting the vicissitudes, Desiderata Forming yearnings, and mysteries of passing through this universe in a context. The poem implores us to live with balance and grace, to pursue work and play, to learn and grow and move through the stages of our existence, to accept our humanity, our natural desires, and our place as real things of the universe.

Our camp is named Desiderata, after the eponymous poem, because we are a collection of close friends who have discovered friendship in part because we all adhere, in each our own way, to this same philosophy.  Composed of veteran burners, we adore how the Burn teaches us these lessons, deeper each year, and apply and expand throughout all parts of our lives. We are a part of this camp in order to combine our respective energies into a cohesive whole on the playa, and to very earnestly present this energy to the community at large. We, a collection of the Desiderati, wish to give to everyone at the Burn our energies, joys, humor, and sensibilities, and to conjoin with everyone else’s, creating a stupendous and well-knit spiritual experience on the Playa — our home.

We will provide to the playa and its wonderful group of humans in a number of ways. First, we will support the manifestation of a veteran art car to the playa called SolarBeatz. This car is a mobile disco, yet the power it requires comes 100% from solar panels. We will provide the Playa with wonderful music (as provided by a number of DJ’s who are members of our little tribe) and entertainment in an energy efficient, environmentally-friendly way — joy without a footprint.

We will also provide something less tangible — our spirit, our interaction, our ethos, our Desiderati sensibility. We will cavort around, spreading joy and life force, energizing our old friends and our new friends, supporting their art and installations, events, gatherings, and every serendipitous moment of joy and significant meaning that the Playa enables. All of us together, with our energies centralized, the Deserati will be hyperbolically more powerful and meaningful than if we were scattered about the playa. We will be a beacon and a node of spirit, and will love every single moment of it.