Desiderata Forming

Burning Man 2012 was our first experience. When we arrived on the playa, we were so overtaken in awe. How could a place like this exist for so long and we haven’t known? 

A place where with the right intentions, you can do what ever you please. First, without risk of offending someone or standing out in the crowd. And second in an environment where everyone wants to help and support you doing it. It’s recipe for exhaustive fun, exploration, education and realization.

When we decided on the idea to form a camp for Burning Man 2013, we needed a name that described our intentions and our love. We brainstormed ideas, got our friends’ input and began to tap into our feelings.

Tara Brooks told of us of a word and a poem that she was drawn to and meant a lot to her. She thought this word may mean the same to us. And it did… one reading of this poem sent chills down our spines. We found it to be on point and saw it’s beauty.

With Dan Sachs’ beautiful and articulate writing, DESIDERATA WAS BORN…

…and then they named a street after us in 2013! :)